So, I almost got to ask Os Guiness which one of us was right, me or John. If you don’t know, we kind of have differing views of what he’s trying to say in his tape/book The Call. Particularly in regards to secondary call. That is, we all have a primary call, to be His. But we each have different secondary callings that plays itself out in different ways, including, but not limited to, vocation.

John’s view I think is that secondary calling is both specific and something that everyone gets. Meaning, God has a specific, particular purpose for you and will communicate that to you somehow. My (I think the rest of us) view is that secondary call is sometimes specific and explicit, but not generally. It’s more, we have certain talents and gifts, and we’re to use them. Doing that is our call. Not a great overview, but that’s the gist. And listening to the tape, it’s not crystal clear which view he (Guinness) espouses.

So anyway, I go up to him after his talk on Monday and patiently wait in line. SN. Nate Nutter also asked a question but it came out wrong and sounded like he was asking Os to resolve the free will / predestination debate. Funny to see how he reacted. SSN. Apparently the daughters of one of Guinness’ friends was there, and he greeted and left her with a kiss on the cheek. I thought it was odd. SSSN. Os Guinness kind of looks like Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life.

But yeah, I wussed out in the end. Adrian was with me and I think disgusted at my wussiness. He basically said he had to go and could only take one more question, and turned to me. And I literally pointed to the guy next to me. I dunno, I’m just chicken. I was also afraid because I think he might have heard me and Adrian imitating his accent while we were in line.

But he would have said that John was wrong. I could sense it.

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