“While we are looking down at the map trying to decide which way to go, the car continues along the road, passing this and that remarkable statue and mountain. What I wonder is: If we’re sitting here trying to figure out which way to go, who is driving while we’re looking down at the map? Because we’re still moving. It’s not like you can pull over in life. Even when you pull over, you’re still moving, because the road is made of time. It’s made of aging and eating and disfigurement, of sleepiness and longing and wonderment. It’s a road that travels under our feet like those people movers at the airport. So we’re standing there, looking at the map, and travelers brush past us eager to kiss their children. The wheels of their luggage make a clacking sound on the seams of the band of flexible road that is the people mover. And then even if we’re standing still when we look up from the map we’re somewhere else.”

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