No one knows what Dave’s talking about, even more than usual. He’s referring to the slide show. As you know, my idea was to have sections, each one introduced with a movie clip. That’s why some of the sections were kind of awkward – like the Stanford part existed pretty much just so we could use the American President clip (“It doesn’t take a Harvard degree…” “I went to Stanford you blowhole!”). In retrospect, we should have combined the baby pics with the separate Jieun and Danny pics. And had less movement and more time per pic on the last section. But whatever.

Anyway, what Dave’s talking about is the intro to the last section “Danny and Jieun – Together”. As you might recall, we used some clip from Braveheart. That’s actually kind of an inside thing between me and Jieun – we sometimes say to each other “I love you. Always have.” in a bad Scottish accent. But the original vision for the last section was to have, after the title card, 3 clips in rapid succession:

  1. Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music singing “The hills are alive”
  2. Gene Kelly in Singin’ In The Rain singing “Gotta dance!”
  3. Aerial shot of Tim Robbins in Shawshank lifting his hands in the rain

Do you get it? The idea is, now that we’re together, we experience this extreme emotion, joy, exuberance. Problem is, no one got it. It was worse before because we had this Home Alone clip also where Macauley Culkin is running around screaming with his hands in the air. That just didn’t work at all. But yeah, Dave was 100% against it as being completely confusing. So we ask Mark what he thinks. His response: “(pause)… It’s different.” Ouch.

But yeah, it’s like, is Julie Andrews Jieun? Jieun’s a singing nun? Danny’s a dancer? Huh? And who got freed from prison? Kind of confusing. But yeah, that was my original vision, just three quick scenes of emotional exuberance. But it didn’t work.

I’ll get to writing about the wedding / honeymoon eventually but FYI Dave and Mark essentially spent a week straight working on the slide show. It was insane. And I didn’t make it easier for them. Dave’s right – Henry’s way is generally the best way. In this case, choose your photos before scanning them in. Figuring out what photos you want and then scanning them in (as opposed to scanning everything then figuring it out) I’d say makes the process 3x as fast. At least. Also, I think 10 minutes is pretty much the limit as far as slideshows go. We worked hard to get it to something like 12 minutes but yeah, when it played it still felt too long. But anyway.

It’s a shame you only (usually) get married once because you learn so much things about how to plan weddings better. But oh well. Anyway, yeah, thanks Mark and Dave.

Did everyone “get” the slideshow, by the way? I know Jieun’s coworker appreciated the “Son of a Preacher Man” thing. Actually, I guess that’s the only thing to get. Oh and also, the juxtaposition of “You Are So Beautiful” with Jieun’s ugly glasses pics. Dunno if that got through. Oh well.

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