So we attended the married couples group at church for the first time this past Sunday. Highly educational.

One of the women there said something extremely interesting. So a common complaint of the wives is that their husbands don’t do these little things. Give them receipts, pick up their socks, different random stuff like that. Anyway, this one woman was thinking about why these little things are so important to the women and her feeling was, when women get married, it totally changes around their lives. Like they change their name. More than that, they all of a sudden have to serve and take care of this totally other family and be this helper and all these things. Whereas men’s lives don’t change that much. (I don’t know if that was fair, but I’d probably agree that women’s lives change a lot more than men’s.)

Anyway, her feeling was that because they have to go through this big life change, that’s why the little things that the husbands do mean so much. It’s like, it’s the least they can do, and if they don’t do it, that’s just one more thing they have to deal with. So those little things matter to them.

I dunno if that’s a universal sentiment among wives but it was her experience and I found it fascinating. I dunno, marriage is interesting.

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