Jieun’s best friend thinks I’m autistic. The disturbing thing was how matter of factly she said it. Yikes. Maybe I am. I’m not joking. You know what it kind of is though – Stanford ruined me. I had wide and varied group of friends growing up. None of them particularly geeky; I was by far the biggest geek. But you know, we were all good friends.

But then I went to Stanford and I dunno, it’s like I cultivated my social interactions for a very particular type. And you know, it’s something I’m comfortable with, but I think it ruined me, because now, that’s how I normally interact socially, if that makes sense. In a way that’s geared towards a more intellectual, more introspective group. It’s terrible.

So yeah, I gotta start hanging out with more non-Stanford people and get normal again, if that’s possible.

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