I was also tepid on Shallow Hal. I just thought it was kind of boring. My dad loved it though. The interesting thing is the things that Dave thought interesting, I thought banal. The whole Mauricio character, the tired insecure male stereotype. I hated when he says to look at his poop. That’s interesting? Could it be any more trite?

I also dislike when Hollywood overdoes the downtrodden thing. Every single person in the film who’s unattractive in real life is attractive on the inside (except Mauricio). They’re all kind and good and successful and full of life and giving and selfless and etc. Please. Some people who are ugly on the outside are ugly on the inside also. Why do they all have to be superexemplary people? And why are all superexemplary people ugly?

It plays it both ways in both directions – saying ignore the outside while making fun of fat people, but also using outward beauty to show what’s supposedly on the inside. Yeah, I guess there’s no other way to do it, but I dunno.

Whatever, in the end, it was OK. I just thought it was slow. Plus I hate Gwyneth Paltrow.

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