I had a realization about GreX. So I’ve visited a few times for random reasons, and I remember one of the first times, something didn’t sit right with me about what was being said. There was just all this talk about how this is a church for Silicon Valley and SV is this way and whatever. I thought they were missing something. I mean, I grew up in Silicon Valley, and it’s not like they were describing. Their description was like what people thought of SV, not what SV is really like.

So I visited again and talked to another friend who grew up around here and realized something. Again, there was talk about how Silicon Valley is that seems contrary to my experience. What I realized is, for SV transplants, that is how Silicon Valley is. And the church is full of transplants. And not just in the church – SV is full of transplants. And for them, yeah, SV is as it’s described. So in a sense, I don’t really know SV because I grew up here. At least, it blinded me to something. That this description of SV isn’t just an outsider’s superficial view. For a lot of people here now, it’s their actual experience. Dunno if that makes sense. But yeah, it was an epiphany for me.

Is anyone else a little scared about tomorrow? I am. But God is in control.

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