This is in response to Dan Kim, who I doubt reads this but still.

I can’t believe I’m so old (or he so young) that I remember (and he doesn’t) why laptops are named why they are. Henry could probably explain better. But yeah, they used to have things called “portable computers”. They were basically desktop sized boxes with a handle, and a keyboard that pops out to reveal a tiny screen. Ooh, found a picture. Compaq made these, I think that’s how they got big. As did Televideo, which our church had.

Anyway, those things were called portable computers, which is why laptops couldn’t be called that. And yeah, I’m guessing desktops were already called desktops (vs. portable, back in the day when people still had computers sitting on desks). So, laptop makes sense. And then when they got lighter they called some notebooks, to distinguish again. I can’t believe I’m old to remember the nomenclature happening, and that someone else doesn’t. Depressing.

Also, sorry, but if they won an Oscar, there’s no way you can say they were underappreciated. If you ask me, an underappreciated role was Jason Scott Lee in Dragon. Just the physicality of the part. The way he’s stiff in his fighting early on and more fluid later, as per Bruce’s philosophy. And his accent. Any time I pull out that accent (pretty often), it gets huge laughs. How he did it, convincingly, and with a straight face… that deserves something.

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