A random vignette from my honeymoon.

So in Tahiti, we watched a few World Cup games in our hotel, including the final. And at the end of that game, one (or a few) of the Brazilians were wearing this T-shirt that said like, I love Jesus or I live for Jesus or something like that.

While we were in Vegas, we saw a Tonight Show with a rare appearance by Aretha Franklin. Anyway, she sang “Freeway” and at the end, she went off gospel style about Jesus, how we all need him, he’s our freeway (whatever that means), and so forth.

I dunno, both things really encouraged me a lot. I probably have nothing in common culturally with either of those people. But I rightly feel a strong connection and kinship with them. And to me, that’s an amazing thing about the gospel. How it makes family members beyond so many barriers. It’s a good feeling.

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