I’m rooting for Notre Dame now also, and caught some of the Michigan game. Dunno why Willingham feels different than Gruden, who everyone hates. What’s the difference? Who knows.

Honestly, I have an easier time being excited about Big-10 football than Pac-10. It’s just with football. I’m still of course a huge Stanford football fan first. But in general… I dunno, I was raised watching Ohio State football and it’s a part of me. I’m pretty excited about the Buckeyes this season. Especially their running back. OSU has had a lot of great backs and receivers come through. Seems a good team this year.

So yeah, I’d say my loyalties right now go Stanford, then OSU, then Notre Dame, then Big-10, then Pac-10. If anyone cares.

They should have college basketball fantasy pick’em. That would be insane.

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