I’ve long believed that one of the reasons America isn’t more “spiritual” or whatever is because we’ve so distanced ourselves from death. We do whatever we can to stay as young as we can and shuffle off the dying to the side so we don’t to think about it. And we don’t. And I’ve been convinced that if people thought about death more, they’d be more religious.

But then I started thinking, what about doctors? People who are surrounded by death, who see it frequently. Are they more religious? I dunno, I have no data but my guess is no, as a group they aren’t particularly more religious than any other group. And that throws my whole theory into whack. Maybe I’m wrong about the death thing.

I dunno, I have a theory though. That doctors to some degree have a feeling of invincibility. I dunno, I have a dentist friend who feels that way. And a friend was once saying how doctors advise their patients to eat right and take care of themselves and not work too much – their health always comes first. And of course these doctors work way too much, never take time off, and go to conferences where they eat the worst food. It’s an invincibility complex. I dunno, that’s my theory.

In the end though it’s a complete mystery why certain groups are more Christian than others. Like, why is Korea more Christian than Japan? Why does it seem like so many more musicians are Christian than actors? What’s the difference? I dunno, it’s a complete mystery to me.

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