Quick responses to Dave: Not a huge fan of Rushmore. 2.5 stars. One of those movies I just didn’t “get”. But I know quite a few people who loved it.

If I was against a college football playoff in the past (can’t remember), I’m not at all anymore. Hugely in favor of a playoff. This BCS thing is ridiculous. The only time it works is when it’s obvious (like there are only 2 undefeated teams, and even then it’s iffy). But that’s not the point of the BCS system – it’s to decide things when things aren’t obvious, and it clearly doesn’t do that.

I’m especially angry because it looks like Ohio State’s going to be shafted this year. They beat a Top 25 team last week and they go down in the AP poll from #4 to #6. Bizarre. I’m not sure they’re the best team in the nation, but they won’t even get a chance to compete. It’s like Tommy says in Titanic: “Give us a chance!”

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