Leo just introduced me to Googlism, which I guess takes Google queries and extracts facts from it. It’s pretty funny. Like here are the googlisms for “Danny Chai”:

  • danny chai is a little boy from the lonely state of texas
  • danny chai is a happy person and can find fulfillment in the person that he is
  • danny chai is can find out
  • danny chai is an interesting person
  • danny chai is one of those few folks who maintains his webpage regularly
  • danny chai is a stalker
  • danny chai is the man at stalking
  • danny chai is an interesting guy
  • danny chai is a better basketball player than i am

For Dave Hong:

  • dave hong is probably a comic geinus
  • dave hong is a dork
  • dave hong is out of the picture for this year
  • dave hong is saying with the jack
  • dave hong is actually there and he’s dancing
  • dave hong is one of my closer friends from stanford
  • dave hong is *not*
  • dave hong is to frappuccino’s as jimmy ahn is to tang

Henry Hsu:

  • henry hsu is a master of mr
  • henry hsu is one of those guys who didn’t
  • henry hsu is perhaps the most loved person on campus

John Yoon:

  • john yoon is kind of goofy when he plays basketball
  • john yoon is cool
  • john yoon is trained in laser vision correction
  • john yoon is awesome
  • john yoon is so good at this
  • john yoon is
  • john yoon is at my apartment today

Eric Mao:

  • eric mao is co
  • eric mao is amazing
  • eric mao is pretty good
  • eric mao is the only guy on my mind
  • eric mao is mentioned in the most recent newsletter sent to stanford cs grads
  • eric mao is one of the most kind and thoughtful person that i know
  • eric mao is korean

I dunno, I found it amusing. I tried some others but the names are too common.

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