I’m sorry, but I hate liberals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no party-line Republican. Maybe it’s just that I’m surrounded by liberals. I bet if I was in Texas I’d be whining about the conservatives around me. But whatever, I’m here.

The thing that bothers me is the subtle elitist attitude they have. Not sure if elitist is the right word. But in their minds everyone is a Democrat. It’s obvious. They can’t understand how anyone could possibly vote Republican. And there’s a subtle implication there that those people are idiots or evil.

I dunno, just have some healthy respect for the opposing view is all I’m saying. If you can’t even see how someone would vote the opposite way then you’re missing something. And if a lot of people vote that way (looks like that’s what’s happening) and you still can’t even understand the opposing view, then you’re really missing something. You’re the one who’s out of touch. I dunno. I think every conservative should spend time in California and every liberal should spend time in Texas, just for balance, to at least recognize the other side. And everyone should spend time in Korea. But no one should wear T-shirts worn down enough to reveal nipples.

Random Eric slam.

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