The thing is, should you be profiting from worship? One thing to pay for costs, but profit? But then again, by that logic, should Vineyard be selling their CDs for profit? Hmm. I dunno, it’s just confusing.

Hmm, found the web page for the tour. They’re not coming to CA, so I won’t be able to go and judge everyone around me. They will be in Peoria IL, though. And Dallas.

Anyway, check out the tour news page. Mostly fine but the section talking about Chevrolet is super sketchy. Here’s an excerpt:

    • We are excited about Chevrolet’s partnership and strongly believe their investment in this tour will provide a very strong return. We’ll be releasing more details on the activities that will target music and book buyers via direct marketing promotional campaigns designed to drive qualified consumers to test drive Chevrolet products. Meanwhile Chevrolet is helping us reach as many people as possible about what we believe to be the Christian music event of the year.

“Sponsoring the Come Together and Worship Tour provides Chevrolet and local Chevy dealers an opportunity to reach our target consumers, particularly families, in association with an entertaining event that delivers a positive, uplifting message,” stated Steve Betz, Regional Division Marketing Manager for Chevrolet. “This is a ground-breaking marketing effort for Chevrolet. With Contemporary Christian Music growing exponentially compared to every other genre of music for the past two years, Chevrolet recognizes the marketing potential with this tour and the benefits of partnering with the most popular and successful musical artists in their industry.”

Praise God!

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