So in Sunnyvale there are tons of these Chaat places. On one stretch of El Camino, there like 7 Chaat places, about 3 Chaat Houses, I think. Anyway, I pass them all the time, and they have all these signs like “Mouth watering Chaat”. I dunno, it’s totally intriguing. What the heck is it? My guess was, some kind of Indian drink. The way Asian folks have bubble tea. So you know, I wanted to try the hip new drink.

It’s not a drink at all. It’s just like Indian snack food, and not particularly mouth watering. I dunno, maybe it’s because I had eaten already and was coming into the restaurant expecting some cool refreshing drink but yeah, it didn’t seem very appetizing and the menus weren’t particularly friendly either. Has anyone tried it? Maybe I’ll go again someday.

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