I saw Charles Kim and John Chi on TV today. At Blockbuster. Jieun and I were there checking out some movies and the TV was set to some sports report (Fox Sports?) and they had the post Stanford/Xavier game wrap. (We won! Woo hoo!) And hanging around behind some reporter is Charles and John. I dunno, just weird to see.

Blockbuster had “Jackie Chan Presents Gen Y Cops”. I think I’ll get that next time. And did you know they made a sequel to Left Behind? And that Kirk Cameron is in it also? I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that they made a sequel to a terrible movie or the state of Kirk Cameron’s career. Can’t he and Tony Danza get together and do something? Work something out?

Incidentally, there seem to be no Asians in the cast of the movie. I guess Asians aren’t Left Behind!

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