I hate facing people in the restroom after a dump. Whether they just took a crapper or myself, it’s just awkward for me. So, if I’m on the toilet and someone is say using the urinal, I’ll finish and wipe and whatever and just wait there until they’re done, have washed their hands, and left the restroom. Then I’ll flush and come out of the stall. Everything’s cool then, if someone comes in at that point. The key is just that they not know whether I’ve used the urinal or the toilet. I have no idea why I feel that way. Maybe because that’s when I’m most vulnerable? Or fear of potential stains or smell? I dunno, for whatever reason, that’s how I am.

And it goes both ways – I don’t want to see someone else coming out of the toilet either. So when I’m using the urinal when someone’s in a stall, I try and go really quick so I can finish and leave before they have a chance to emerge. Or, if I hear them finishing up, I’ll just stand there at the urinal until they leave.

The hardest thing is when someone is in the other stall taking a dump. I either have to wait them out or finish real quick and try and wash my hands and leave before they finish. The timing can just be tricky. Sometimes when they finish while I’m washing my hands I’ll turn slightly toward the door while drying so I don’t see them.

Ridiculous? Probably. But yeah, I find bathroom conversation uncomfortable in general – post dump conversation is just too much for me. I dunno how girls do it, since all they have is stalls. I also find it fascinating that women can make run-time decisions whether to go #1 or #2. And adjust on the spot. I dunno, if a guy having decided to go #1 decides mid-stream to also go #2, that’s disastrous.

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