Should I pull a George-esque be arrogant to the arrogant type thing? I will.

Actually, I’m not saying they’ll learn in time or whatever, it’s just a personal preference. I didn’t really like the atmosphere of the Sixth Man Club like the last 4 years. Actually, that’s not true – I liked the atmosphere. I mean, how can you begrudge someone for being a Stanford fan and going to the game? As a fellow Stanford fan, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s just, it was too easy.

I liked the feeling at the games my freshman year. I’m not saying the fans were any more hardcore; it’s just that it was harder then. Does anyone remember this time? Student tickets to men’s basketball games were free. I think the women’s team drew more than the men’s. The Sixth Men were the only students who paid, to get a shirt and sit in the middle. But it wasn’t about getting good seats, or getting seats at all. Any student could just walk up at game time and show a student ID and get in. It had more of a love of the game feel to it.

And I dunno, it was just fun, the love of the game feeling. I’ll never forget the Arizona game that year. I think Eddie remembers also. But yeah, Damon Stoudamire went crazy on us, dropping 45 points. He single-handedly beat us – it was insane. And I was especially bitter because then, like now, Arizona brought their own little cheering section who was rubbing it in. And their cheerleaders were way better looking than ours. (Just like now. Am I the only one that cringes when they show the Dollies on TV? Not to be too mean, I mean consider the source, but yeah, they’re closer to Bubble Sort than Quicksort if you catch my drift.) But yeah, still a lot of fun, and it was free! I dunno, the people who were there were there for the love of the game and that was a cool feeling.

I dunno, I’m a Stanford fan so I want them to always do well and I want lots of people to be fans and I like what’s happened with the student fan base in the past few years and what’s happening now. It’s just there’s a special nostalgia in my heart for the love of the game feeling freshman year. Dunno if it was better. It was just kinda cool.

Anyway, how did “the love of the game” get big? By big I mean about 4 people using it. I think it was Dave started saying it playing Bust A Move. I’m going to say I popularized using it for other things but I might be blatantly lying. I can’t remember.

Wow, Yao Ming had 30 points and 16 rebounds tonight. Time to hop on the Yao Ming express.

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