I can’t believe they still make Transformers. I was looking around at KB Toy Stores and they have these new generation old ones, like new versions of classics like Optimus Prime and Megatron. I dunno, it made me angry. Like the new Optimus is just a travesty to the memory of noble and good Prime. The truck form barely looks like a truck, which was part of the charm of the original. And his head and body parts just look weird and organic.

Megatron is even worse. He’s not a gun, he’s one of those weirdo 5 different transforming position thingys. And again, they have this weird organic look thing going on, he even has like dragon heads or something, so none of the positions looks right. It’s just a toy nightmare. Seriously, it looks like the beast from Revelation, with like multiple heads sticking out at random places and stuff like that. That’s the new Megatron. A travesty.

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