It’s weird to me how people that there are people who only know me and Jieun as a married couple. And that they only know Jieun as Jieun Chai. Just odd. It’s also weird to me how all of Eddie’s friends from UIUC know him post jaw-surgery, so they don’t really know what he looked like before. The power of context is just very interesting to me.

Like, I was thinking about this the other day, but it’s weird. I think of my sister’s friends, even ones who are older than her, as being younger than me. But I think of Jieun’s friends, who are my sister’s age, as peers. There’s just this context thing working there. It makes me wonder how people who have met me and Jieun post marriage view us.

Are you still planning to do your 10 year FiCS reunion, Dave? I dunno, it seems like they have it already every year in LA. So maybe it’s redundant to do a 10 year thing. I dunno. Personally, I’d just like a class of 1998 reunion. Wouldn’t it be awesome just to have us, Eddie, Leo, Ben, Linnea, Ohms, and the rest all in the same room at one time? I dunno if that will ever happen, but it would be nice.

I’ll be honest, it’s lame, but it’s a small source of pride to me that Jieun and I were the first FiCS wedding. A trivial piffling thing, but still, how many people can say something like that? Were Henry and Lorraine the first Testimony wedding? Maybe they were. But whatever, it’s cool in a lame, non-cool way.

The next thing is the first FiCS baby. Who will it be? We’ll see. I was just thinking about this because the 10 year reunion, if anything like that happens, might involve babies. And what will that be like? What are the social ramifications of that? I wanna see little Bens and Linneas there; that will be awesome. Can you imagine how socially adept and intelligent their kids will be? Wow.

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