I love it when Henry criticizes Caedmon’s Call. Why doesn’t he just wear a huge flaming T-shirt that says “I Have No Musical Taste”? I love his comment about the SCC song also: “easily the cheesiest song ever written.” Hmm, he must have overlooked his extensive Peter Cetera and Phil Collins CD collection. Again, for emphasis: not Chicago. Peter Cetera. Seriously, there was this one time David Park came over to James Rd. and he was startled to see the number of Collins CDs there. I think he just laughed nervously. If I didn’t save him by getting him into Sting, he’d still be living in Cheeseville with his PCsquared, Pet Shop Boys, and Erasure CDs.

That said, I’m not going to defend SCC’s Christmas album. It’s atrocious. For what it’s worth (not much), my favorite Christian Christmas CDs are Amy Grant’s 2nd one (not the first or third (3 Christmas albums? Is that really necessary? She’s like a CCM Mannheim Steamroller.) one) and Michael W. Smith’s 1st one. I’ve actually never heard his 2nd one but for a clip at the end of a concert and when they played it the whole crowd started laughing. That is the mark of a bad album.

How come Christians don’t come up with like Easter albums?

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