I frequently make random Christmas purchases. A couple of years ago I bought the Charlie Brown Christmas album. Awesome stuff. I dunno why I haven’t bought the DVD yet. My claim is that if you don’t like A Charlie Brown Christmas, you’re not a Christian. Bold? I dunno, just that part where Linus tells the Luke story… gets me every time. Jieun made fun of me when we were getting a tree because she thought I wanted a Charlie Brown tree. Which is somewhat true. But anyway.

This year I bought a CD of It’s A Wonderful Life at Target. SN. I love Target. I’m immature like this but every time I use the shopping cart escalator I still get a little thrill. Anyway, apparently in old days after making a movie the principals would immediately go out and record an audio version for old time radio. So yeah, I picked this up, it’s about an hour long. SN – has anyone seen those ads for the “best of old time radio” CD set? Am I the only one who immediately thinks of Andrew Wong every time I see it?

I literally handed you Mercury Falling and said listen to this. With the Michelle Tumes CD I accidentally left it in your room.

I’ve mentioned this before, right? I went to the Mercury Falling tour in Houston. It was awesome, because the band was so sparse but so full sounding. Just Sting on bass, one electric guitar, one keys, one drums, and occasionally a trombone and sax. OK, I guess that’s a lot but seriously, the fullness of the sound they produced was amazing. The weirdest part about the concert was that Jars Of Clay opened. Totally random.

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