Random annoyance – I hate daily stock report headlines. Actually, it’s not that I hate it, I just don’t buy it at all. Like, “Stocks were down today on warnings from ChaiCo.” You’re telling me indexes were down because of a single warning from a single company? I dunno, maybe it is, but it’s impossible to tell. Or when they say, stocks were lifted today by bargain hunters. Is this really true? How can anyone know the motivations for the people who bought that day?

The stock market is just a big strange complex thing, and the reasons why it, as a whole, moves up and down each day is I think, as a general rule, impossibly complex. You can interpret general long term trends. But daily movement, no one really has any clue why indexes went up or down. So any conjecture is just that – a shot in the dark. It just annoys me that the press acts as if it knows the reasons why the market moved the way it did that day. The vast majority of the time, they have no clue.

The informed opinion of a person who’s only taken one econ class in his life, in high school.

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