I think finding a church and reception site is the #1 priority. There’s a lot you can’t even do (flowers, photographer, DJ, etc.) until you have the date down.

Some more Houston tidbits, even if no one cares:

  • I mentioned that they all love Yao Ming. I forgot to mention that they love even more Moochie Norris. It’s insane. He’s in all the little videos they play and the commercials. They made a Moochie Norris rubber ducky. He’s huge.
  • Some men’s fitness magazine named Houston the fattest city in the U.S. for the second year in a row. It’s well deserved. There’s a restaurant here that serves fried Twinkies. Talk about overkill.
  • I was in a Korean restaurant the other day and saw two things you won’t see in California – a guy decked out in full cowboy regalia, hat, boots and everything, and a sign reminding customers that bringing in concealed firearms to the restaurant is against the law. Apparently reminders are necessary.

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