I have no idea who weddings are for. Like, all the weddings I’ve gone to, I’ve taken the approach that it’s all about the bride and groom, that whatever they want, that’s what they should get. But then, that’s not quite true. At our wedding at least, and most of the weddings I’ve been a part of, there’s a huge emphasis on the parents and guests. Like, that’s why we had both languages, and it influenced the guest list and all that stuff. But then, my parents weren’t exactly acting like it was for them either. Like, my dad did the sermon in English because it’s for us, and we speak English.

I dunno, I’ve thought this since the wedding but yeah, I think weddings work out best when everyone has this attitude – putting someone else’s concerns first. The guests, parents and couple all thinking about others. The worst situations I’ve seen were when someone decides to put their own concerns and feelings first. It messes everything up. But when everyone thinks of others first, things go pretty well.

There’s probably a life lesson in there somewhere but I don’t want to get too treacly on you or anything.

My advice if you’re having a wedding is, have my groomsmen in it. I can’t say enough how amazing they were.

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