Happy MLK Jr. B-Day. Yesterday. Not that I had the day off or anything.

Maybe this is wrong but I’m against the MLK holiday. Not that I don’t respect MLK Jr. or anything. He was a great – though flawed – man. It’s just, I dunno, I think it should be civil rights day, or something like that, which might incorporate a celebration of MLK Jr. but not just that. Because I mean, does MLK represent all minorities? Do Latinos see him as a groundbreaker for them? Should we celebrate Cesar Chavez or someone else? Dunno if you read this but Latinos are now the largest minority group in the U.S. – more than blacks. So don’t they deserve a holiday for a leader they relate to? How about other minority groups?

So I just say cut it off now and have a single civil rights day or minority rights day or whatever. Remember how we used to celebrate both Washington and Lincoln’s B-days with holidays but now we just have a President’s Day? Do the same thing. I dunno, just my feeling on it.

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