So I’m sure you heard what that outgoing Illinois governor did, basically taking everyone out of Death Row. I’m 100% against that. Not that I’m pro death penalty. I think I’m against it. It’s just an irrevocable action with a fallible system, which makes me nervous. SN. I once saw this exhibit that consisted of painted plates, each plate representing the final meal of a death row inmate. Absolutely fascinating. It was just very telling of the class most death row inmates belong to. They didn’t want stuff like filet mignon or anything like that. It was by and large common food like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, junk food, stuff like that. Very interesting.

Anyway, I think I’m anti death penalty but still 100% against what the governor did. It’s just the wrong way to do it, a complete abuse of power. If doing something like this is OK, what’s to stop someone from doing the same with a position I’m against? Just to be absurd, what if some outgoing governor thinks murder is OK and all of a sudden commutes the sentences of all murderers in the state? You just can’t do that, because it violates accountability and the right channels. It’s just a wrong thing to do. I dunno, my opinion.

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