I read this stupid commentary recently saying how like all reality TV shows are, maybe not misogynistic but at least anti-flattering to women. It points out as examples Joe Millionaire and Meet My Parents (dunno the exact women) where women degrade themselves over a man, and the Bachelorette, which has as its central conceit the idea that a woman needs to find a man.

I’m sorry, but this makes no sense. How can shows where guys choose a girl and a girl choose a guy both be more anti-female? Huh? How is the Bachelorette about women needing men but not so for the Bachelor? How is women competing for a man degrading to women but not men competing for a woman degrading for men? I dunno, just seems inconsistent. You can say it’s degrading to everyone involved. But with the examples chosen, how can you say that women are shown in a particularly bad light?

I actually do think women come off worse in those shows but not for the reason the columnist gives. Maybe some other time.

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