I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I find it fascinating how animals communicate. Isn’t that amazing? How is it possible without words? How does mating happen? Like, what does a female gnu look for in a male gnu? Is there like a gnu equivalent of being a good listener? Maybe they want a gnu that will really pay attention to their horn scratchings? I dunno, it just amazes me. I’m easily amazed like that.

Actually, you know what amazes me? I saw these 512 MB compact flash cards on sale for like $90. That just astounds me. How can they have that much memory for so small for so cheap? I remember my high school computer, top of the line, had 4 MB of RAM and a 200 MB hard drive. State of the art. And pricy. Now they have cheap fast memory that’s small enough to fit in the 5th pocket of your jeans that no one ever uses. It totally amazes me.

Geez, I’m sounding like our parents. I remember seeing my dad’s programming books. He used Fortran. With punch cards.

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