Chomsky is actually known primarily as a linguist. Not sure how known he is for his ideas on language acquisition but I’d say it was one of the primary things he’s known for. Of course nowadays he’s known for his cuckoo political philosophies.

Ooh. here’s a random Korean article. Seems to deal with ESL, not sure, too academic for me. Anyway, mentions Chomsky a lot. Here’s a sentence near the end: “No one would dare to deny the influence of Chomsky in the fields of linguistics and language acquisition.” Wow. Not even dare? Spice.

So you know Don Knuth is a very well respected Computer Scientist from Stanford. He actually invented or pioneered a lot of fields in Computer Science. Anyway, he’s a Christian which I always thought was cool. But I was talking to a coworker who had read a recent book by him and his perspective was different. He thought Knuth had apparently gone over the deep end with that religion stuff. I dunno, that made me kind of sad. I guess it doesn’t go over too well with non-Christians.

I’ve got insomnia right now. Usually happens when I’m nervous or feeling guilty. Given that my life is dominated by guilt it’s kind of shocking that I don’t get insomnia more. But anyway.

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