I think I’ve said this before but I want my children to be average looking growing up. There are no rules to this, but I think in general, like 70% of the time, when they’re too good looking they get too confident about their looks. But if they’re too ugly they get too insecure. Being average or slightly below average is the sweet spot as far as character goes, I think. Again, maybe 70% of the time, and only as it relates to their self-image. So lots of exceptions, but I’d rather bet on the average.

After their formative years I think how they look matters a lot less as far as self-image goes. Like for me, I think I’ll always think of myself as this super skinny awkward guy because that’s who I was growing up. So anyway, the sweet spot is when a kid is lower-mid / mid in looks growing up but becomes hot. My model for this is Jieun, who was kinda funny looking growing up but is hot now. So she has strength of inner character and outer beauty – best of both worlds.

But actually, now that I think about some good looking kids that have grown up, most of them are pretty good character wise, even as it relates to their looks. Hmm, maybe my theory is completely out of whack. Oh well, I stand by it. Love of the game.

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