It’s strange to me how my tastes change. When I was growing up I hated Japanese food. Now it’s my favorite. Hated spinach and broccoli. Now those are two of my favorite vegetables. Strange.

I think the first time I had Thai food and remembered it was maybe junior year of college. I hated it. The coconut milk. Now I have Thai all the time and love it, especially the coconut milk. Odd.

So I wonder what cuisine I’m going to get into next. There’s actually a lot I haven’t had. Like, I’ve only had Indian food 4 times in my life, the first time 2 years ago. Which is odd because one of my closest friends in school from 1st grade to 12th was Indian. But he was vegetarian so we weren’t exactly clamoring to eat at his place. Actually, I think that’s what it is. Because of him I didn’t realize there was Indian food with meat.

I think I’m going to try getting into Greek food. I used to hate it. Just too much lamb and yogurt. But now I love lamb so maybe I’ll love it. We’ll see we’ll see.