So I watched When We Were Kings, this documentary about the Ali-Foreman fight. I think it won the Academy Award. Very interesting. You know, I actually never understood the Muhammed Ali thing. Everyone loves him and says how great he was and whatever but I just know that by proxy. When I think of Ali all I know is the silent, tremoring man. Didn’t really understand the hype. I think I kind of get it now. He was incredibly charismatic. I just never saw it until now. I wish I could see more of him in his prime.

It was also fascinating seeing what George Foreman was like. Bizarre. He was this terse, reserved, highly dislikable punk. After the fight he went into depression for 2 years and basically reformed his personality. The contrast between what each was like then – Foreman so quiet and aloof, Ali energetic and engaging – and my perception of them based on how they are now is striking to me.

Dunno why but I like boxing documentaries. The two I’ve seen at least. This one and On The Ropes. Dunno what it is. Something about it is pure, it’s just one person against another person; maybe that’s what it is. Not that anyone cares.

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