I find my parents’ generation amusing in certain ways. Just, the divide in terms of culture and expectation is interesting to me. Like there’s this one guy my parents’ generation who makes a big show of doing the dishes… once a week. Whereas with our generation sharing equally in household duties is expected, right? Whether the division is outside/inside or cooking/cleaning or whatever, I think we all understand guys are supposed to share in the duties in some way when both people are working. It just makes sense. So yeah, our parents generation I find slightly amusing.

Did anyone read that Newsweek article on black women? It was absolutely fascinating. There’s this huge trend now where black women are upwardly mobile, even more so than men. The problem is that they’re so far surpassing black men (for whom jail is a startling big problem) that they have difficulty getting married. Something like 40% of black women age 40, I’m getting the numbers all wrong, but something like that have never been married, vs. 10% for white women. It’s crazy.

Anyway, one thing they pointed to was that it’s difficult on both sides when a woman marries a “less powerful” man. Something like this came up recently in discussion and I was surprised that women who are career oriented and want to succeed still want to marry someone “higher” than them, whether that means status or money. I’m not sure about that. Er, I just don’t think that’s sustainable. I dunno, I just wonder where this will all lead. When we keep moving towards equality in all areas but insist on inequalities in status for marriage, I dunno, something’s gotta give. Not sure what I’m saying, just wondering what the future’s gonna look like, like our children’s generation.

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