Dunno if you remember Dave talking about the first time he won Dynomite on Yahoo! Games. SN. Yahoo! is really sticking in there with that exclamation point. Wow. Anyway, he was saying how that achievement was kind of sad. And he’s right. Here’s what’s sadder: I was jealous. Not really, of course, but just a little. I didn’t even realize it could be done at the time.

Anyway, to be more pathetic, today I achieved my second goal: I cycled through the game twice. Almost three times. Cleared 42 rounds and got a ranking of King Of The Lizards. Pretty sad huh? And it took forever. By the end I just wanted to die. Totally exhausting. Hadn’t felt that way since I beat Nokia Snake.

Anyway, nothing special happens when you cycle through, even the second time. I would have taken anything. Even an Apple IIe type beep would have been enough. But nothing.

What a loser I am.

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