I’m sorry but the NCAA tournament is just a crapshoot. There’s no principled way to win, it’s essentially luck. Syracuse? That’s just totally random.

I realized that I’ll never do well in pools because I hold grudges and play favorites. Like there’s no way I would have picked Syracuse because in my mind, when I think Syracuse, I still think of the time they were a #2 seed (like this year) and lost to Richmond. The Richmond Spiders. Do people remember this? Doing a search I find it was from freaking 1991. But it’s still vivid in my mind. They’ve done better in tournaments since but it doesn’t matter, I can only remember that year.

It’s also hard for me to pick Arizona because for so many years they consistently underachieved. Doesn’t matter that they won the tourny that one year. I can only remember their terrible losses.

I’ve got to let go of my emotions. Maybe there’s a life principle in that. Maybe not. We’ll see we’ll see.

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