I recently learned something that changed my life. You know at Safeway (I started going back to Safeway again. It’s a function of 2 things. One, it’s more accessible from where we are. But 2, Albertson’s got rid of their policy of having deals for everyone, no card needed. Now they have cards like Safeway Club, presumably for stalking purposes. The thing is, you need the card, you can’t just key in your phone number like at Safeway. For some irrational reason, this angers me to no end.) when they have Safeway Club specials like 2 OJs for $4. I always just assumed the price is only good if you buy 2.

It turns out it’s the same price even if you buy 1, $2 a piece. That 2 for language is just marketing to fool schmucks like me. That discovery changed my life. Not really a huge change, just now I sometimes get 1 not 2. But it’s still a change.

Speaking of which, I love AAA. I’m well familiar with their roadside service stuff. I’ve probably had to use it a dozen times. SN. I honestly believe that car trouble is one of the things God uses to keep me grounded. Not the only thing, just part of the package. Anyway yeah, they have that, plus free maps which is awesome.

Anyway, we’ve recently had to do all this DMV (SN – in Texas it’s the DPS, Department of Public Safety. Isn’t that a random name? I dunno, I always thought it was odd.) work and you can do it at the local AAA office. It’s insane how much of a timesaver that is. Going to AAA instead of the DMV. I dunno, it made me happy.

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