I’ve said this many times before, but I still can’t figure out if my childhood friends and I have similar interests because we were friends growing up, or if we were friends growing up because we had similar interests. I think I’m leaning towards the second.

In Social Psych there was this study where they looked at social groups and how friendships formed. You know what the #1 factor was? In people becoming friends. Proximity. More than personality stuffs or background or whatever. Not that these weren’t factors. Just, proximity played a greater role.

So I think about that sometimes, like what that means for friendships and relationships now. Does it mean that we can be friends with everyone? Or most people? Or what does it mean when we just don’t click with someone. Is that legitimate or lazy? I guess my question is why childhood is so different from now. Then, we became friends with people pretty much just because they were the ones around. Nowadays we seem to seek people we “click” with. How real is “clicking”? Is it just that we were malleable as kids but aren’t anymore?

I dunno, the prospect of raising a child scares me. Just, it’s a relatively short time of their life but it influences them forever. And so much of it is beyond our control, like the friends they have. I dunno, prayer I guess.

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