So Jubilee has been running these ads in the paper for their Good Friday and Easter service. It’s bold. Guests include Smokey Robinson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dunno whether that’s encouraging or discouraging.

I’m also reading Fast Food Nation and maybe someone who’s read it can answer this question. I’m about halfway through but I find it curious how he continually brings up evangelical Christianity. When he talks about the birth of fast food in Orange County he brings up Robert Schuller and Crystal Cathedral. When he moves to Colorado Springs he mentions Focus On The Family.

My question is, what’s his point with that? He never makes it explicit why he’s talking about that in a book about fast food so their presence is curious. The subtext though seems to be that he’s someone blaming evangelical Christianity for the fast food culture. Or saying they’re somewhat similar. Is there any validity to this? I dunno, it’s just odd I thought.

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