I’m fine with people saying they appreciated someone leading worship though. Just, worship isn’t just praise. It’s more than a song right? And a worship service isn’t just the praise time, every part is worship, from the sermon to prayer to offering to whatever. And the focus of all of these things should be God. But to say it’s wrong to show appreciation to the servants who make it happen seems overly harsh.

I just think rejecting appreciation is maybe overly judgmental. It’s not particularly gracious, and not particularly loving to the people you’re supposedly serving.

I’m not down with the cheering for praise songs thing though. You know, when they start an intro to a praise song and people start cheering. Actually, it’s more I just don’t understand it. But I do blame groups like Third Day for it. Maybe Sonicflood? Maybe Delirious? I dunno. Just, they made a big effort to make their concerts more worshipful, which is commendable. But I think it and stuff like it has had the unfortunate side effect of making worship more concert like, which might be fine, it’s just confusing.

This is bold, but I think someone has replaced Scott Underwood as my favorite worship guy. I’m pretty into Chris Tomlin nowadays. The lyrics to some of his songs are pretty good, some are theological rich I think. I’ve already written about You Are My Treasure. Enough is also a great great song. Actually, I dunno if that can overtake Underwood. But it’s good stuff. Oh, and there’s an outside chance I might meet Underwood. Remote, but possible. Dunno how I’ll be able to talk to him. “It’s nice to meet you. Let’s pray for no broken strings.” We’ll see, if it even happens.

And I’m still really blessed by Surrender. That’s like my life anthem right now. I feel like I need to footnote every phrase with commentary and application to my life. I dunno.

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