Couple restaurant reports. As if anyone cares.

Don’t go to Za Zang, that noodle/pizza place I mentioned. For a couple months at least. It had perhaps the worst service of any restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life. There’s 2 servers for 20 tables and they disappear for long periods of time. When you come, no one greets you. Eventually you get seated. Where you get ignored for half an hour. Nothing to do but stare at the unbused dishes at other long ago deserted tables. After your order you’ll wait an hour more. It’s insane.

The Jja Jjang Myun was actually pretty good, but it’s not worth the wait. Nothing is. No clue how the pizza was. Wait a couple months, maybe the service will settle. And maybe the places in SF and Oakland are better. No clue.

Also tried the new Pho Quyen on El Camino between Wolfe and Lawrence. We wanted to try their Vietnamese sandwiches. Right now it’s an incredible deal. $1.95 each, plus if you buy 2 you get 1 free. Unfortunately, the sandwiches aren’t that great. The ones at Cam Hung on Reed are better. And these aren’t as good as those places in Milpitas and East San Jose. But whatever.