So we played softball today and I’m awful. My first at bat, I struck out. Slow pitch softball. 3 pitches. 3 swings. 3 misses. Humiliating. Next at bat wasn’t much better. I hit a dribbler that traveled about 2 feet total. I was by far the worst person out there. Jieun is a way better softball player than I.

So someone was once saying to me how they don’t understand why I proclaim my sports suckiness, like getting blocked by a girl in basketball. I dunno, just with sports, I have absolutely no pride. I know I suck, so it’s no problem for me. My goal generally in sports is to not be a liability. Dunno how much I can help, but I can at least try to not hurt. So like in basketball, my goals are to play better defense and limit turnovers. I get more upset at myself about playing bad defense than missing shots. Just, try not to be a liability. Of course, my laziness in life extends to sports so my natural tendency is to be lazy on defense. And offense. But yeah, it’s a goal.

But I’m determined to keep playing. I dunno, I think I said this before but I was convicted a while back that I can’t just do only the things I’m good at. So I’ve got to keep chugging away at sports I stink at, work at it. I dunno, for me it has spiritual significance. We’ll see we’ll see.

Besides, sports is such a guy bonding activity. What else am I gonna do, shop?

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