Happy Easter, everyone.

Easter reminds me of one of my favorite prayers. That John prayed off the cuff one day. That Jesus rose from the dead and triumphed over sin, so now we can live victories lives over sin. I’m going to say that when I pray in public, 20% of the time I work that in there. Victorious lives over sin.

Since Easter is about life I think it’s appropriate to give thanks for life. Sometimes I take it for granted. For some reason I was randomly thinking about my mom recently. I distinctly remember how a few years ago my prayer was that she would live long enough to know my eventual wife. I don’t know why that was so important to me but it was. And here we are now, years later. I’m married, my mom is fine. And I’ve taken it for granted. I shouldn’t.

So this Easter, I’m thankful for life, physical and spiritual, both my own and the people I love. Thanks God!

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