I don’t think they’re saying any act should be granted privacy. I think they’re saying homosexuality should be granted privacy because it’s not wrong. And that the laws banning such are antiquated and irrelevant. Do you remember that one case? Was it Texas? Basically this couple (an interracial couple to boot) challenged a state law against sodomy and the police came in their home and arrested them. The law had not really been enforced and was just on the books but they decided to directly challenge that. Not because they think any private and consensual is OK. But because this particular consensual act is.

You can have you own opinions or whatever. Just clarifying the stand as I understand it. Not arguing government cannot draw lines in regards to private acts. The uproar is that he thinks the line should put homosexuality, incest, and bestiality on the same side. Again, I might be wrong on this but I’m basing it loosely on what they were saying in regards to that one case in the South.

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