I liked Junior High a lot. I think the biggest thing that came out of junior high, for me, was the realization that a girl could like me. That sounds fairly ridiculous I guess. But I dunno, I’ve had insecurity / paranoia issues my entire life. I have no idea why. Part of it I know was because I was so skinny, unathletic and nerdy growing up. Didn’t think girls could like me. Wasn’t sure guys would want to be friends. Definitely wasn’t cool enough. Left a lasting mark. So yeah, any time something happened in my life to challenge my insecurity for me it was like a step of personal growth. Anyway, when I first realized a girl could like me it was completely shocking. So much so that I didn’t believe it for a long time.

I dunno, I’ve said this before but the guilt part of Christianity comes too easy for me. I think what impacts me the most, leaves the longest impression is knowing that I’m loved. I think that’s why that skit with Love That Will Not Let Me Go remains with me to this day – it was like one of the first times that message really got through to me. Wow, I’m loved. Me. For an insecure person like myself, that’s the sweetest message in the world.

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