I always love areaism. Is that the right way to put it? When people not from/in an area are softer than where you’re from/in. My favorite example is Dave’s when doing gardening at KCPC. “These weeds are nothing like the weeds in LA.” Absurd.

I’d do it with Houston with the heat and humidity except you know what? I hate the heat and humidity in Houston. It sucks. Why would I want to brag about it? I’ll take my balmy Mediterranean Bay Area weather thank you very much.

Usually balmy, at least. What the heck is up with this weather? It’s been raining all April. The Sierra got more snow this month than the past 4 months combined. I know, cry me a river. It’s just unusual in this area is all. When I was growing up, about 50% of the time the rainy season ended by my birthday in mid-March. I remember this because it would affect where my birthday party would be. You know, Golfland vs. Chuck E. Cheese considerations. Anyway.

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