My thought page has lost all momentum. I wonder why that is. I think there’s something about the roteness of work that dulls my thought life. I really mean that. I have as much spare time if not more as during school. My mind is just not actively engaged so it’s dulled in general. I dunno.

So I’ll do another interminable survey, stolen off of a random page. Yes, this is like the 5th one, and they’re all the same, but whatever. One of my favorite quotes from High Fidelity (the book) is where he says, other people have opinions. I have lists. Something about that struck a chord in me. But whatever, this is what I’ve been reduced to. Another list.

Section 1: GENERAL

Name: Danny Chai
Nicknames: DC Fly. Or Flyness. I’ve said this before, right? No one calls me this. I made it up for myself a long time ago, no clue when. It’s ridiculous, I think, maybe a bit pathetic, but whatever, I’m a slave to tradition.
Do you have a crush: It’s more than that, and I married her.
Birthday: March 18, 1976
Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday: I refuse to answer a stupid question like that. If you’re gonna ask the birthday, the candle question is redundant.
Age you act: Interesting question. I’m going to go with 19. Not in terms of socially but in terms of how I plan my life. I dunno.
Are you simple or complicated?: I think I’m so simple I come across as complicated. I dunno, maybe I’m deluding myself. But yeah, I’ve always believed that the key to me is, this is all there is. My oldest friends know this, Jieun knows this. But again, maybe I’m wrong about myself. Who knows.
Where do you live: Bay Area
Where you want to live: Hmm. I actually want to live overseas someday. Nothing holy, just to work. But fat chance that will happen. I think I could live anywhere (except Kansas) but I’ve never actually done it so again, maybe self-delusional.
Birthplace: Columbus, OH. It’s why I’m a Buckeyes fan and a Reds fan. But I’ve only been there once since birth so I’m pretty much a poser. But a loyal poser.
Favorite salad dressing: I’m glad you asked. I’m a big fan of this ginger-soy dressing Jieun gets from some Japanese place. It’s awesome. There’s also this poppy-seed dressing that’s very very good. I’m ecstatic about these dressings.
Ever gone skinny dipping?: No.
What are you watching?: Survivor. It’s the only TV show I watch. As an aside, this season is really really good. The whole sexes thing was a great twist, and the past 4 weeks every ouster has been somewhat surprising. I love Matt also. This guy is psycho and delusional. Great stuff. The newsgroups are saying this is maybe the best season since the first. I’m leaning towards agreement.
Last person you talked to: Jieun.
Favorite Number: 18.
Favorite Type of music: Type, huh? I enjoy and appreciate all types but at heart I like good pop. Stuff like Sting, Jimmy Eat World. I dunno. As a sidenote, I appreciate John Mayer but I’m not a fan. He’s really musicality but there’s something about the center that’s empty. I can’t explain it. But what a musician.
Favorite car: I care less about cars than maybe anyone I know. I’m gonna go with a ’91 Corolla because the one I’ve got has lasted me well and is doing great. It’s a blessing not having to worry about a car.
Favorite Fast Food: In N’ Out.
Favorite Ice Cream: Pralines N’ Cream. I’m a big N’ fan I guess.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: I would list a wine but that would come across as pretentious. I like Rum and Coke. Dislike White Russians.
When Do You Go To Sleep: Between 11 and 12. Usually.
Most Embarrassing Moment: I don’t get embarrassed anymore. I think when I was a kid I’d be most embarrassed when there would be company at my house, I’d be mad, and my parents would tell the company that I’m mad. I hated that.
Funniest Person you know: Hmm. That’s a good question. I have no idea. Jieun I guess. She makes me laugh the most often. The funniest guy I ever knew was this guy Rob from junior high. Moved to Connecticut or something. Seriously, this guy was like Steve Martin in junior high form. Try and imagine that. Some lunches we’d spend the whole time listening to him repeat lines from movies and dying.
Stupidest Person you know: Harsh. I won’t name names.
Favorite holiday: Christmas. By far. I’m just sappy like that. Everything about it, the underlying significance, the spirit, the tradition. I dunno.
Favorite Food: If I had to name just one I guess I’d go with sushi.
Favorite Television Show: Survivor. I dunno, no one else is a fan but whatever, I think it says something about human nature and relationships. How they react under admittedly artificial situations. It fascinates me.
Favorite Radio Station: KNBR 680/1050. For some reason it’s not the Ticket 1050 (KTCT) anymore. They’re both KNBR. Random.
Favorite junk food: I’m generally against junk food so don’t eat it much. Jelly beans maybe? I dunno, not a big junk food guy.
Favorite song: Love That Will Not Let Me Go, Steve Camp. I think I’ve written about it before. But I dunno, a lot of it is wrapped up in a single memory at a particular youth retreat during high school. A last second, but powerful skit by the counselors, which ended with this song. I’ll never forget it.
Favorite color: I’m gonna go with blue right now. Nothing dominates.
Favorite clothes store: I hate shopping. I get my socks/underwear at Marshall’s so I guess that’s my favorite store. I’m all about the “slightly irregular”.
Favorite Shoes: I like Timberlands. They’re comfortable and durable. That’s pretty much all I care about.

Section 2: THE FUTURE

School: I guess this is a high school survey or something. I’m actually pondering whether I want to go back to school. I like the world of ideas and I find I’m missing it. But I don’t know how practical that is. Something I’m praying about. For starters, I have no clue what I would want to study. Or more accurately, I want to study too many things. We’ll see we’ll see.
Where You Want To Live: Honestly, I don’t care too much. Not Texas though, housing prices be darned. It’s just convenient and easy to be here so I am. I guess I need a compelling reason to leave because I’m not one of those roamers who feel an itch for somewhere else. I’m pretty happy where I am.
How Many Kids You Want: 3
What Kind Of Job You Want: Again, this must be a high school survey because I already have a job. You know my dream job though. I’d want to be a writer. A columnist or something. Just something where I can just think about different things. Problem is, I’m not a very good writer. It’s more the thinking that appeals to me, not the writing.
Wedding song: N/A.
Song in your head: The song that’s most often in my head nowadays is Surrender, that praise song. But the Perfect Strangers theme is still competing. Adrian once made this claim that Feliz Navidad is more catchy. In fact, he says it’s the most catchy song in the world. That just by mentioning it, it would be in my head constantly. Wrong.


Coke Or Pepsi: Coke.
Cats Or Dogs: I’ve only had a cat. But I like dogs better.
DVDs or VHS: This is the most absurd question ever. Is there any advantage to VHS? It’s bigger, worse quality, more unwieldy. I refuse to get a video at Blockbuster now. It just kills me.
Deaf Or Blind: Hmm. I think because I value music so much I’d rather be blind. That’s crazy to think about.
Pools Or Hot Tubs: Pools. I don’t like hot water. My showers are fairly cold, not like cold cold but more lukewarm than hot. It’s better for your skin and maybe your heart I think. but anyway, yeah, I’d rather exercise than torture myself in hot water.
Television Or Radio: Hmm. I listen to the radio more than I watch TV. So I guess that’s my answer.
CDs Or MP3’s: CDs. I personally like packaging. And the quality difference through MDR-7506’s is real.
Apples or oranges: Oranges.
Old Navy or Gap: Argh, I hate Old Navy. One of my life principles is that life is too short for Old Navy underwear. What I mean is this. My family used to scrimp and save fairly hard core. But certain events changed our thinking with that. So, I’m not in favor of saving ridiculously for an uncertain future. Especially if the saving is a huge sacrifice. I hate Old Navy because it’s terrible quality. The underwear in particular – it just doesn’t fit right. And like all Old Navy clothes, it barely lasts. I think it’s totally fine to pay a certain premium for quality. And in the Old Navy case, it’s not even a premium. Other stuff lasts way longer so it’s more price effective. But I’m super stubborn. I’m still wearing these shirts from Old Navy I got sophomore year of college even though they’re frayed, missing buttons and falling apart. That’s the Eric Mao in me I guess. I still draw the line at exposed nipples though. That’s hard core.
Coffee or Ice Cream: Ice Cream. Like both. Ice Cream better.
Shampoo or Conditioner: Another ridiculous question. Conditioner won’t work well without shampoo. So clearly, shampoo is “better”.
10 acquaintances or 1 best friend: OK, so, I’ve thought about this a lot. If I’m honest with myself, I dunno, a best friend is not a huge deal to me. I think I’d prefer 10 acquaintances. I dunno, something about that sounds shallow, like I don’t want deep relationships. But that’s not true. It’s just, I don’t value a best friend. I haven’t had one since I was a kid. On the other hand, if the best friend is your spouse, like it is for me, then that’s incomparably better. So, depends on the question I guess.
Sun or Moon: Sun
Left or Right: Right


Took a shower: This morning
Cried: Hmm. Not sure. Not for a few months I think though. Only Jieun really makes me cry. And my family sometimes.
Watched a Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast on DVD, fairly recently. Maybe a month ago. It’s actually a great movie, I had forgotten. Last one in the theaters was I think Tarzan.
Given/gotten a hug: I hug my wife pretty much every day.
Been to the movies: Saw Identity on Saturday. Not a deep movie, not perfect, just entertaining.

Section 5: WHAT IS:

Your Fondest Memory Of This year: Geez, is it already April. That’s crazy. I’m gonna go with Ohio State winning the national championship. That was an insane game, especially the ending. Yow.
The Thing That Makes You The Happiest: My favorite thing in the world is doing nothing with Jieun. Last night I was sitting around playing Minesweeper while she read Fast Food Nation. I could not have been happier. That’s sad, huh? It should be something spiritual. I dunno.
Your Favorite Food For Breakfast: Sausage McMuffin With Egg. This is also wrapped up in a memory, like everything I guess. But when I was a kid after soccer games sometimes (if it was an early game) my mom would take me to McDonald’s and I’d get this and something about the experience made it taste special. In general though I like Eggs Benedict. Especially when they use crab instead of ham.
Your Favorite Food For Dinner: Didn’t I already answer this? Sushi? Japanese food in general is my favorite cuisine. Thai is probably second now.
Your Favorite Slow Song: Besides my favorite song, I’m gonna go with Every Breath You Take. Is that slow? I dunno. I just think it’s the perfect song.
Your Ideal BF/GF: I married her.


Bill Clinton: I hate Bill Clinton. Has nothing to do with his politics. Just, I think the guy is so slimy. Has no morals whatsoever. Absolutely despise him.
Love at first sight: Didn’t happen to me. I think mostly because there was a disconnect between what I thought I wanted and what I actually needed.
Abortion: My views on this are actually kinda complicated. Too much to give a glib answer at least.
Teenage smoking: What a ridiculous question. Is anyone for smoking? What a disgusting habit. Whatever, free country and all. This is one thing I didn’t like about Korea. My smoke tolerance is pretty low, and it’s everywhere.
Green: No clue what this means.
Pot: Uh… bad? Is this a trick question?
Eating disorders: Against.
Rap: I dunno, I’m not super into it like Eddie circa frosh year but I appreciate it. I was introducing Jieun to Check Yo’ Self last night. Good times.
Marilyn Manson: Loser.
Drinking: I remember this discussion I had frosh year with a dorm mate from I think Portugal. There was a party or something going on and we were both refraining and I said something like, oh, you don’t like drinking, huh? And he was like, no, it’s not that, it’s just the binging he didn’t understand. Where he came from there was effectively no drinking age, so everyone drank. But (he says, who knows if true) there wasn’t this culture of binging like in American campuses. Where people just try to get wasted. I thought that was really interesting. And I’m wondering why the U.S. is like that. Is it that we’re so prohibitive about alcohol that when people get it they want to go crazy with it? Something about it being forbidden? I dunno. So I wonder if we weren’t so restrictive with alcohol as a culture, if there wouldn’t be a binge party atmosphere anymore. My guess is no. But it’s interesting to me. Of course, I have no clue whether that claim is true, that other countries don’t binge on alcohol like here. Supposedly Russia and other places are super alcoholic so maybe it’s not unique. But I dunno, I still think about it, why there’s this culture of getting wasted instead of just having a nice civilized drink or two.
Death: I’ve said this before. I think this country is in denial about death. Most people live thinking they can put off death indefinitely. I’m not saying I hope SARS spreads but I wish it would be a wakeup call. We’ve come to the point where we’ve almost eliminated death from infectious diseases so no one’s scared of that. And we think we can in large part avoid chronic diseases if we do the right thing. I dunno, I just wish something would shatter this delusion of control.
One Wish: I dunno, obvious answer is life I guess. My most pressing desire right now though is calling. Specific calling I guess. The one thing I can do that no one else can do, right John? I dunno.

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