There’s actually another reason why I’m against a national MLK Jr. day. It’s fairly well known that he had a somewhat sordid personal life. In Intro to Christian Ethics the prof left it at him having affairs but yeah, he wasn’t exactly squeaky clean when it came to his personal life.

And call me a dinosaur, but that matters to me, personal integrity. It’s why I respect George Bush and despise Bill Clinton. Even though Clinton was a far better, perhaps brilliant politician. Bush just a middling one. In terms of their personal life, Bush was a great guy. And we all know about Clinton. And even though no one these days seems to care about stuff like that (personal life is private, doesn’t matter, yadda yadda yadda. The basic premise of the movie The Contender with which I completely disagreed) I still do. So yeah, I’m a dinosaur like that.

I don’t want to honor a guy who constantly cheated on his wife, possibly abused women and plagiarized a bunch of stuff. That’s just me.

But yeah, no one’s perfect. God knows I’ve got skeletons in my closet. But I’m not proud of it. It’s for those very reasons I don’t think I’m a great or even particularly good man. All I can really say is that I try to minimize my hypocrisy.

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