So you know there are lots of blacks in Latin American countries. There are quite a few in Major League Baseball. My question is, when they come to the U.S., do they see themselves primarily as black or as Latino? I guess I’m wondering which is the stronger influence on identity, race or culture. Or is it inaccurate to say there’s a Latino culture? Maybe I’m being insensitive.

My question also is how Americans view their primary identity as. And I’m guessing it’s based more on skin color than culture. Maybe I’m wrong.

There was this letter written to the sports section in the Merc months ago that just made me angry. It was written by an African-American man who was furious that the Merc would say that Tiger Woods is anything but black. (I think it was in reference to some story that pointed out that Woods is only 1/4 black and mostly Asian.) That just struck me as being extremely hypocritical. If minorities want that society treat them based on what’s inside and not the color of their skin, how can you simultaneously claim Tiger Woods solely on the color of his skin and not who he actually is? I dunno, that just bothered me.

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